Student Exchange with Leipzig 2011

01Aug 2011

Vom 24.6.-8.7. hatte Leipzig Besuch aus seiner texanischen Partnerstadt Houston. Seit bereits 13 Jahren besteht diese Freundschaft und dank des alljährlich veranstalteten Schülerwettbewerbs an einem Leipziger Gymnasium sowie einer Schule in Houston durften die texanischen Gewinner nun ihre Partnerstadt während eines zweiwöchigen Besuchs persönlich kennenlernen. Begleitet wurden Jenny, Randy und Eric von den deutschen Gewinnern […]

19Jul 2011

Our exchange students are safely back in Houston.  They had a wonderful time in Leipzig, and they enjoyed the great experience of being immersed in another culture.  Their enthusiasm still is overwhelming, and totally infectious.  We are still sorting through pictures and stories, but take a look at the gorgeous pictures and text in a […]

30Jun 2011

To keep you posted as we promised, here some pictures of the last days. As I wrote before, the weather was just perfect until yesterday. So as if making fun of me, it compleeetely changed today, at the moment we’re having 13°C (about 55°F) – quite a chock after 30°C (~ 86°F) yesterday. We’ll see what […]

27Jun 2011
Aaron Kaufman during the soundcheck

We currently have another guest from Houston: Singer-songwriter Aaron Kaufman! He brilliantly mastered his first gig in Germany. And we’re proud to be able to say that it was in Leipzig. Aaron was the supporting act of two bands playing in an open air venue, he played his own and some wonderfully interpreted cover songs, […]

27Jun 2011
Our guests and their hosts on the platform of the tower of Leipzig’s New City Hall

Today, Leipzig presented itself to its guest in the best light – after a couple days of rain the sun is shining again! Our day started with a reception in the New City Hall, the view from its 110 m high tower was incredible, especially as the air was clear, not a single cloud in […]

25Jun 2011

Yesterday we finally could welcome the Houstonian winners of the student competition “Leipzig meets Houston” we had been waiting for so long. Both our winners and our guests were very excited to finally meet each other, especially as the train from Frankfurt to Leipzig was on time, quite unusual. 😉 In the following two weeks […]