Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Houston-Leipzig Sister City Association was founded in 1993 on the principles of President Eisenhower’s people-to-people citizen diplomacy initiative, which had at its core the idea that people who know each other do not wage war on each other.  During the last twenty years, a myriad of citizens exchanged ideas, looked at each other’s workplace […]

Bachfest Leipzig: June 14 – June 23, 2013 Bachfest 2013 begins on Friday, June 14, with a concert at the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.  From then until June 23 Bachfest 2013 will include 114 performances at over 30 venues in and around Leipzig.  The opening concert will be broadcast simultaneously on the market square […]

Degenerate Art– “entartete Kunst” – declared so by the German Nazi government in the 1930s.  Virtually all modern art was declared degenerate by the Nazi regime, and was banned because they deemed it to be un-German or Bolshevist. The artists in this exhibit of paper works were prohibited to create works under the expressionist styles. […]