Monthly Archives: April 2013

Bom dia – come and join us at iFest, Houston’s annual celebration of international art, music, and cuisine. The next two weekends downtown comes alive with the sounds and tastes of many countries, especially Brazil, this year’s honored country.  Musical legends appearing at iFest include Bootsy Collins, Diogo Nogueira, The Wailers . . . .  […]

Do join us for an Abendmusik concert by the incredibly talented ensemble  amarcord from Leipzig this Sunday, April 14, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. The concert is presented by the Bach Society Houston at Christ the King Lutheran Church, and features selections from pre- and post-Reformation music, including chant melodies from the 14th century Thomasgraduale, early […]

Ein Team – weltweit    Der Auswärtige Dienst weltweitwir Wir suchen zum Einstellungstermin 02.05.2014 Anwärterinnen und Anwärter im höheren Auswärtigen Dienst, Attaché(e)s, als Beamtinnen und Beamte auf Widerruf im Vorbereitungsdienst Der Auswärtige Dienst ist für die Pflege der Beziehungen zu anderen Staaten sowie zu zwischen- und überstaatlichen Organisationen verantwortlich und vertritt die Interessen Deutschlands in der […]

On April 9, graduate students of Dr. Stephen King at the Shephard School of Music at Rice University are performing  Auf Flügeln des Gesanges, a Liederabend  to honor their retiring friend and teacher Kathleen Kaun.  Marcus DeLoach, a great baritone currently engaged in doctoral studies at the Shepherd School is helping organize the event.  He […]

What do Leipziger Platz, Leipziger Strasse, Leipziger Tor, Friedrichstrasse, and Potsdam Gate – all in Berlin – have in common?  What historical forces shaped life and destiny in and around the Potsdamer Platz? What turned a thriving commercial and social hub into a desolate, divided place, tainted by violence, death, and human desperation, only to […]